Introducing IKIGAI 2.0

The only ikigai book you'll ever need.

The Truth about Ikigai

This is not ikigai!

Ikigai. Have you heard the word? Maybe you’ve seen the four-circle diagram above (hint: it’s not ikigai).

If that isn’t ikigai, then what is ikigai really? Like most things, there’s a lot of misinformation floating around online. I believe I’ve been able to put all the puzzle pieces together and redesign the diagram to better reflect the true meaning of ikigai. I call the evolution Ikigai 2.0.

Ikigai 1.0 to Ikigai 2.0 Evolution

Over the last 5+ years, I’ve given myself a self-directed education in ikigai. I compiled everything into an eBook—what I would have wanted to read when I was first beginning my search for life purpose. My goal is to make it the only ikigai book you will ever need. Welcome to Ikigai 2.0.

The Ikigai 2.0 Guidebook

Ikigai 2.0 Guidebook

The Ikigai 2.0 eBook begins with a guidebook that takes you on a 70-page, step-by-step journey.

You’ll learn the origin of of the four-circle diagram, the history of ikigai, and its true meaning. From there, we’ll evolve the four-circle diagram (what I call Ikigai 1.0) into a redesigned model (Ikigai 2.0). But, a model is only useful if it can be applied to real life. So, I put myself to the test and show you exactly how I use Ikigai 2.0 in my own life.

A key part of Ikigai 2.0 is that making money is optional. For those who want to make money as a byproduct of their life purpose, there are additional chapters that show you exactly how to do it—and how I’m doing it in my own life.

The Ikigai 2.0 Workbook (Bonus)

Ikigai 2.0 Workbook

The Ikigai 2.0 eBook ends with a 20-page bonus workbook that follows the flow of the guidebook so you can find your own ikigai.

It can be used as an actual workbook or as a reference guide along with your favorite notebook or journal. Brainstorm. Take notes. Fill in all the blanks.

You may need multiple attempts of trial and error before you feel good about where you land. You may also have multiple ikigai you want to complete separately.

Here’s to the ongoing journey toward life purpose!

Ikigai 2.0 eBook Details

Full Title:
Ikigai 2.0: A Step-by-Step Guidebook to Finding Life Purpose & Making Money Meaningfully (+ Bonus Workbook)

Page Length:
90 pages (Guidebook: ~70 pages + Workbook: ~20 pages).

File Format:
PDF (More file type options coming in the future).

Writing Style:
The guidebook is presented in a synthesis style of writing to give you the highest insight-to-word ratio. All fluff has been stripped out to give you only what is most essential to help you find purpose in your life. Each chapter builds upon the prior one, but take your time. It’s designed in a way that allows you to pause frequently and reflect on your own life.

Table of Contents:
• Introduction
• Chapter 1: The Origin of Ikigai 1.0
• Chapter 2: The Truth about Ikigai
• Chapter 3: The Evolution to Ikigai 1.5
• Chapter 4: Introducing Ikigai 2.0
• Chapter 5: My Ikigai 2.0
• Chapter 6: Money as a Byproduct (Ikigai 2.0+)
• Chapter 7: My Ikigai 2.0+
• Conclusion
• Workbook: Your Ikigai 2.0 & Ikigai 2.0+
• About the Author & Sloww
• Sources

What 500+ Readers are Saying

“Thank you so much for this amazing insight … Ikigai and your explanation of it, changed the way I think about life.” — Carla J.

“The Ikigai book is brilliant. You take the most logical approach to this complicated concept.” — Joe D.

“I’m so thankful for this … I feel the need to correct the popular, westernized, Ikigai Venn diagram every time I see it. Thank you for taking the time to clear things up!” — Risa T.

“I’m finishing the book, and I love it … Thank you, it has helped me a lot. I like your views on money. I think today’s society, especially on social media, is totally obsessed with money which keeps them from really having a full life. You can earn money, but it will not give you completeness and happiness. There is no one talking about this, only you.” — Victor M.

“I really like Ikigai 2.0. It simplifies it with checks and balances. It’s easier to focus on what truly matters.” — Angela N.

“This is great stuff … Everything you suggest here resonates with me, and I especially love your point of emphasizing a weighting / prioritization system.” — Marc F.

“This is beautiful, and talking about your own experience is awesome. I have this printed out and made tons and tons of notes. I am going to reflect on it deeply.” — Nilesh M.

“Ultimately, it’s unlike anything I’ve read before. There’s a novelty to the synthesis style of writing … bite-size pieces of content held together by common themes. Very interesting rhythm that’s good for stopping, thinking, and starting up again.” — Jason C.

About the Author

Kyle Kowalski, Author of Ikigai 2.0 & Founder of Sloww

Hi, I'm Kyle Kowalski―the author of Ikigai 2.0 and the human behind Sloww. I'm a solopreneur who found and created my life purpose after an existential crisis ― synthesizing the world's wisdom to awaken and actualize the art of living. You can read more about my story on